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Senior Pastor & Founder of Healing And Deliverance Ministry, Inc.




Founder & Executive Director of Healing Yourself Outreach Life Skills Program (HYOP)

Bishop Paul L. Walker is Founder and Senior Pastor of Healing and Deliverance Ministry where the mission is to influence, educate, empower, and train Community Leaders and Church Leaders, to expand their visibility in community and civic outreach discipleship efforts.  


Bishop Walker is also the Creator, Founder, and Executive Director of the “Healing yourself Outreach Life Skills Program” (HYOP) whose focus is to address the dual need of food insecurity and promotion of food security,  for low to middle income populations.  HYOP also provides adults, young adults and youth with "first-class" character training, education, and life skills principles in an effort to make a positive difference in their lives, while also helping to diminish the effects of racial and social discrimination. 

Bishop Walker was inducted into the Office of Human Rights Hall of Fame in 2018, and recognized for his visionary leadership, outstanding achievement, and altruism on the road to eliminating discrimination, championing justice, and equality, and advancing human, and civil rights for all people of Montgomery County.

Bishop Walker’s community involvement includes: 1) Chairman of the Board for the Police Accountability Board/Administration Charging Committee; 2) Co-Chair to the Reimagining Public safety Task force #4 alternative programs to police, and jail; 3) Collaborating with the Department of Human Rights, as a Board Member of community leaders of Montgomery County Maryland; 4) Board member Montgomery County Commission on Remembrance and Reconciliation;

 5) Founder and Executive Director of the Healing Yourself Outreach Life Skills reentry program; 6) Community Advisory Board member Johns Hopkins COVID-19 clinical trials initiative; and 7) Completing the Citizens Police Academy Training Program in Frederick, Maryland.  Bishop, Walker previously maintained the position of Chaplain for the South End Coalition in Frederick, Maryland Public safety initiative. Bishop Walker is also a Facilities Engineer.

Bishop Walker holds an honorary “Doctorate of Divinity.”  In addition, he was consecrated into the Bishopric in 2014, and affirmed in 2018 by Archbishop Ralph Dennis,  Presiding Prelate, Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries.  Bishop Walker has an anointed and prophetic ministry, where he ministers as a Spiritual Psychologist, specializing in the areas of “Healing and Deliverance.”  Bishop ministers not only to the Spirit of Man, but to the Mind of Man, as well.


Bishop Walker was called by God to be a prophet from his mother’s womb.  The gifts of this office were present at the age of 5 years old, and he has been preaching and teaching for over three decades.  At the age of 29, Bishop Walker suffered a life-altering stroke, which rendered him legally blind in his left eye, and completely paralyzed on the right side of his body.  Bishop Walker was miraculously healed, and this healing even bewildered his doctors, in that the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ restored every aspect of Bishop Walker’s health.  In 2015, Bishop was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer.  Pushing his way through the treatment and radiation process, while continuing to serve in ministry and in his outreach programs, he was again healed, and ultimately diagnosed as cancer free.


Bishop Walker’s current book project entitled “Vision beyond sight” speaks to the powerful concept of vision and sight.  Sight - which is confined only to what you can see, does not speak to your dreams, nor confirms your vision.  The book elaborates on the concept that Dreamers and Visionaries walk in the supernatural, the unexpected, and the remarkable, and it details how vision takes you beyond sight!  


Bishop Walker is married to the very lovely and anointed, Elder Lisa Walker, and his primary pursuits are being a responsible husband and father;  growing the body of Christ; impacting community for the kingdom of God, ministering to non-believers and believers, as well as being used as a tool to break down walls of social injustice and satanic strongholds.

Bishop Walker Picture for Ministry 2019.
Bishop, Paul L. Walker DD


First  Lady, Elder, Lisa Walker


First Lady of Healing And Deliverance Ministry, Inc.

First Lady, Elder Lisa Walker currently serves as Co-Pastor of the Healing and Deliverance Ministry (HADM); HADM Chief Operating Officer; Vice-President of the HADM Board of Directors; President of the Women’s Ministry, and Program Director of the Healing Yourself Outreach Program (HYOP). The ministry’s HYOP program was recognized in 2022 by Montgomery County, County Executive Marc Elrich, for its unparalleled support provided to Montgomery County residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, via its’ food and clothing distribution program, its’ coordinated outreach activities, and through its impactful advocacy efforts.

Elder Lisa Walker’s community involvement includes: 1) Serving as Chairman, and President of the Board of Directors for the “Friends of the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights, and the Human Rights Commission”, supporting its’ belief that participation, interaction, education and understanding within communities, can eradicate hatred;  2) Previously served as Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the “Friends of the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights, and the Human Rights Commission”; and 3) Served as Assistant Director of the Healing Yourself Outreach Life Skills reentry program, which provided professional development opportunities, leadership skills, certifications, apprenticeships, career portfolios, interviewing skills, and character education.

Elder Lisa Walker attended California State University at Northridge, in Northridge, California, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Education.  She currently works as a Global Operations Manager, whose responsibilities include Managing operations for the Global Protocol and Outline Review process, as well as the Global Protocol and Outline Review Team, for a Japanese Pharmaceutical company.

In September 2001, Elder Walker married her soul mate, Bishop Paul L. Walker, and their union joined together their five children. Under the instrumental and prophetic mentoring and training by Bishop Walker, it has provided Elder Lisa invaluable knowledge and priceless wisdom, that has helped to make her the woman of God that she is today.

Lady Walker was ordained Elder by Arch Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, Presiding Prelate, KFCM in 2018, and since that time, she has continued to give unselfishly of herself in the areas of impacting community through advancing social justice, prison reform to reduce recidivism, addressing food insecurity, and advancing the kingdom of God to reach the unsaved and the unchurched.

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