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As a Pastor, I feel it is imperative for the success of the Church, for God’s People, and for our Community to first love them, and embrace them.  Experiencing this GODLY LOVE, will lift their self-esteem, and invoke courage that strengthens faith and increases trust in God.

Our Mission


Healing and Deliverance Ministry is dedicated to teaching God’s word.


HYOP Community Outreach Program: Our mission is to provide adults and youth with "first-class" character training and education,  as well as life skills training, that will make a positive difference in their lives. For some, it may be the one factor in their lives that can change a cycle of poverty, ignorance, underemployment, unemployment and crime.  And for others, it will represent the opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

HYOP Food/Clothing Distribution Program: Our theme is:  "Fighting Hunger and Delivering Hope."  Through our mobile food delivery program. our Mission is to provide free produce and nutritious food, to low income and rural neighborhoods  (of all race, and ethnicities), who do not have access to healthy nutritious food.

For more information on our Outreach Community efforts,

please visit our HYOP Community page  

"He is able, in your, But if not!"

Daniel 3:15-18



Our natural thought and response, to the expectation and or experience of a favorable and victorious outcome, is thanksgiving and praise. We have these thoughts, because of expectations.  We have the responses, because of experiences.

It is perfectly natural, to hope for rescue from danger, to hope for deliverance from bondage, and to hope for healing from sickness. The hope of expectations, and the belief of positive experiences, sometimes drives and pushes us forward, because we hope and believe God will and can, deliver us out of them all.

So, we worship with expectation, and we praise for the positive experience! But, I want to submit another experience to you - A mindset and position of, "but if not." My friends, you have heard me say often, that “Sometimes, faith is trusting that God is with you, while you go through.” Beloved, trust, is a firm belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity and reliability of God!

I am submitting to you, the idea and challenge, of maturing to a place in your relationship with Jesus Christ, that will establish a mindset, beyond the thought of expectation, and the conditional praise for a positive experience.

The mindset, that speaks back to your challenge and says, “My joy is not only found in the thought of expectation, and the belief of a positive experience, but, my joy, is in the subconscious mindset, that produces a conscious conclusion, that, "He is able!"

Yes, my friends, seek to excel to the mindset that my praise, and that my worship, is in the knowledge and confidence, that; He is with me, and that I can trust in God's integrity, in God's reliability, in God's capability, and in God's honesty, to perform and keep His word!  

"But if not," I will praise Him! But if not, I will trust Him - Because I am full of joy, for He is with me.  And as long as God is with me, who can be against me! Glory! Any weapon formed against me cannot prosper!
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