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HYOP Community Outreach

HYOP - Life Skills Program

    • Our HYOP Life Skills program provides professional development opportunities, leaderships skills,     financial/fiscal management, job interviewing and job readiness skills, character education, and links to self-help community agencies.

•  Our Program specializes in changing violent youth and young adults into calm, steady thinkers, by training them to think critically and to be accountable for their actions, and to accept the consequences.

• This cognitive behavior model also leads to enhanced self esteem, greater self awareness and self respect, ultimately transforming them into law abiding, productive citizens, which in turn has a direct impact on public safety.

      • Our Life Skills training  provides greater fiscal insight in managing money and making productive financial decisions, as well as allows more marketability for better employment opportunities.

Food Insecurity Program:

• Our HYOP Impact Food Distribution Program is a program designed to decrease food insecurity and promote food security to lower income families, who have minimal to no access in receiving fresh and nutritionally adequate culturally appropriate foods.

• Our mission is to reliably and efficiently serve families in low income/middle income communities impacted by poverty, tragedy and hardship, by providing food security and Life Skills educational training courses. (Click "Food Insecurity Program" Header above  to view current event flyer)


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